We are not just running campaigns for you, we share the same passion! Our company has over 10+ years in dog training experience including service animals, behavioral modification, puppies, and more. We also have over 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales, business, editing, production and branding. All of your business needs in one team! Over 50% of pets are killed in the shelter system, not counting the amount euthanized by their owners. Our mission is to decrease this number and educate distressed owners by putting them in front of people like you!

About Our Head Trainer, Noah

Miguel "Noah" Nivar began studying and training dogs at 12 years of age. What initially started as a fascination for dog psychology, transformed into people in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx and colleagues calling him the "Dog Boy." At 14, Noah took on his first client which was an aggressive Akita that was on the verge of being euthanized. Today, that same Akita is one of the most loving dogs in the neighborhood. Afterwards, he volunteered in several animal shelters as a dog handler and trainer. While working jobs full time, Noah then started studying animals across books, zoos and facilities in the entire country. He has worked up close with many animals including lions, tigers, gorillas, Komodo Dragons and more.



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